It was one of those magical mornings.

As ever I was up early for this one, and by the time you hit the beach with in minutes you’ll know what if any photos you might capture. As the sun rises you can see the odd fin slowly cruising through the water, but that can be attached to all sorts of things down in South Florida.

I threw the drone up and the water was full of sand clouds and this amazing light filtering through – purples, blues, and copper flashes. Theres were Blacktip Sharks everywhere but cruising along with them were some of the biggest Tarpon I have ever seen all sat in the 6ft size.

The cloudy water combined with the sand etc made grabbing this shot hard…with low light to add to the mix. Getting a slow shutter speed to get the exposure right also means that anything moving fast in the water will become blurred really fast.


And then between all the mayhem, sand, waves etc these two tarpon cruised along so slowly…and straight into shot a blacktip not only slowed down but turned direction. And this is what you see, no sooner was this captured they had all disappeared into the mirth.