Taken the same time the video of the title page was…..quite an amazing sight.


I’d been scouting for these schools for a long time to get the Photograph. On the whole Jack will run the beach in small numbers picking off blue fish and others in search of bait fish.

I’d been setup since the sun rose and while I’d grabbed some shots of Blacktip reef sharks I was always on the watch out for something just the otherside of the reef. Usually you’ll find if you’re very lucky a spotted eagle ray cruising past or a lone green turtle grabbing a quick gulp of air before scooting down.

Suddenly from the beach I saw the water boiling more than a small bait ball, I flew the drone over and this image is what I found. I had the decision to either get video or a still, I quickly zoomed down the drone to capture the pan out shot of the shoal, dropped it down quickly and got this image as the jacks quickly disappeared like embers in the fire.