Florida gets a bad wrap when it comes to surfing and swell. Sure, come the summer you’ll be hard pushed to find a decent wave – but come the winter when up north you’re shaking sitting on your board in your 8mm wetsuit, Florida comes alive with some epic swell combined with some perfect weather and water temp. There is a reason the GOAT Kelly Slater came from the east coast of Florida.

So it was one of those epic days where the swell that was predicted cruised in, combined with a light off shore wind – perfect.


I’d just got out the water at a different spot to where this photo was taken, and was exhausted from surfing from first light. The swell was still building though so I made it down to a secret spot where you’ll find some of the best surfers in Florida on a good swell day.

I got multiple images that morning, and in the end was firing the capture button blind as the sun had got onto the viewing screen. Its not until i got back to my studio to edit did I find this pearl. Duck diving at the perfect moment as another surfer begins his take off.

This is the kind of image I love capturing – A split second moment in time seen from a unexpected angle.