Florida is the fishing capital of the world. And when it comes to offshore fishing the east coast Atlantic Ocean is where you wanna be.


I went out with a good friend from port salerno in his boat. We were looking for cobia, king fish and dolphin – all of which are incredible looking fish not only to catch but to photograph.

We followed the stream of fishing boats out from  the port as the sun had’nt even risen. Bait boats selling fish by the dozen all in the hope of catching something big to bring home. Now when taking Aerial Photos from a boat it is not easy, making sure you keep position whilst the boat is moving and drifting can be a huge challenge. More so you’ve got to land the drone on a rolling deck and not let it slip in the big blue.

I managed to grab this aerial photo prior to us calling it quits and heading back home. We only caught a small dolphin fish and threw him back in to catch another day.


This was really another branch of Single Fin Photo I wanted to get into.