So this is the first photo that really sparked up things for me personally and professionally.

An early morning at one of my favorite surf spots in St Lucie county Florida, and I saw some fins poping out of the waves. Got out the ocean and fired up the drone hoping I’d find what was attached to those fins. Keeping the drone high I eventually spotted the shape you can’t confuse with any other. At about 150ft with the drone you can find so many different things tracking along the ocean. This shark was slowly cruising along the reef, no one in the line up was none the wiser, he cruised literally between people and then made a be line for a set coming in. I got the drone down low as I could and prayed I’d get something….and I got this shot.

Florida is the shark bite capital of the world, and you’d be amazed how many sharks you can see whilst doing aerial photography down in Florida. They’ve got no interest in legs hanging off a surf board, but that day their only interest was getting a free surf.


This photograph started it all, aerial photography of the ocean and everything surrounding it became a passion.